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Automated GST Filing using Turbodata and GSP Partners

Are you facing the following issues with regards to GST filing?
  • ·         Delay in filing
  • ·         Concern regarding the changing regulations from the government
  • ·         Concern regarding reconciliation: specially for customers using MS Excel upload.
  • ·         Have a manual process for GSTR filing. The manual process is prone to error
  • ·         Have high manpower costs related with GST filing.

Turbodata shall help your firm with faster, easier and more convenient GST filing.
How is Turbodata different?
  • ·         All the reports for the end client shall be developed on the cloud installation. Only a minimal extract for all the vouchers and masters shall be done from the end client location. The ETL team shall commit to usage of maximum amount of RAM for the same(say 1 GB for incremental data extract)
  • ·         The end client can do the prior change of the data. The system shall automatically take care of the same. This is enabled through incremental data load process using data normalization.
  • ·         No reports shall be developed at the client location. All the reporting work shall be done at the server location.
  • ·         Initial and incremental transaction data extract shall be done from the end client location.
  • ·         The end client need not worry about re filing the GST reports since it shall be done by the GSP partner automatically.
  • ·         The package is very easy to deploy, deliver and maintain. No high end software are required. The system can extract data from SAP, Tally and other source systems with ease.
  • ·         Dependence on MS Excel for tax filing purposes is taken away since it could result in data errors and discrepancies.
  Current system:

Why is the Turbodata system better?

Turbodata system:

·         Turbodata system is inspired by ‘The Deming Way’, ‘The Goal’ and the Toyota production system and the Inmon methodology.  In a nutshell the following are the features copied from the above systems by Turbodata:
o   No error prone data should be passed for the reporting purposes. The data needs to be cleansed, audited and consolidated before report development.
o   The processing of the transaction should be done as soon as the transaction has been fed in the source system. That is the processing should take place on a real time basis and not specifically at the end of the month. Turbodata enables this feature in the following manner:
§  Each transaction fed into the end client source system is assumed to be an order from the end client.
§  The system offers the facility for real time extract and upload(current system is manual but the data can be loaded on a daily basis by the end client go the server)
o   Once the data has been loaded onto the server, it is transferred to a normalized database(insert, update and deletes). At the data warehouse level the data cleansing, data transformation, data consolidation activities are done
o   Once the data has been cleansed at the datawarehouse level then the reports for GST are developed. In one single lot, GSTR1, GSTR2 and GSTR3 reports can be developed.
o   Turbodata is integrated with at least one GSP partner. The end client could look at other GSP partner solutions if it desires the same.
o   The deployment of the solution is very easy and convenient. For any end client the deployment should take not more than 20(twenty) minutes. Minimum installation pre requisites are required.
o   The data for the end client is stored in a datawarehouse. The end client does not need to worry about changes in the statutory requirements. Other high end services like inventory optimization and predictive analytics are possible on the cloud.

To check why should the end client consider Turbodata GST, please check the following linkage:

GST Reporting Issues:
Apoorv Chaturvedi
Phone: 8802466356

Indicate the following:
·         ERP system/ERP systems
·         Turnover: frequency of load
·         Number of locations

  Sample video link:

       The product uses optimum RAM so that the source system does not hang during extraction as given in the following video:

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