What has understanding fan following for Katrina Kaif got to do with understanding GST filing behavior

This blog attempts to understand human behaviour is absence of standards or changing standards in our day to day lives.
According to the book ‘Seven Secrets of Pursuasion’ by James Crimmins, human beings, whose brain is governed to a large course by the reptilian instincts, follow a 'Law of Imitation'.
What is Law of Imitation: in hedgehogs the scientists found that females tended to get attracted to males already having prior female partners. The new prospect females would tend to ignore the eligible males but not having prior female partners. In human construct this implies fan following for super stars like Katrina Kaif and our belief in various social constructs(based on religious or societal norms).

‘Seven Secrets of Pursuasion’ also states that human beings look for immediate and confirmed emotional benefit rather than a long term rational benefit whose outcome could be uncertain. That explains millions of people smoking(the threat if cancer is in the future and uncertain).
‘Sapians’ by Harari refers to the same as ‘memetics’ or the propagation of cultural memes. The memes are self propagating and can be self destructing also. Memes do not necessarily benefit the person propagating the same.

According to 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, human beings follow the ‘Law of Mind’ and the ‘Law of Focus’ wherein human beings use products that first come into the mind. The product should lead to a specific word in the prospect’s mind.

Where does it lead us? Based on the above, the following could be considered by Indian customers:
·         Tally is associated with matching balance sheet and profit and loss numbers in the Indian customer’s mind. Tally has the first mover advantage.
·         The Indian consumer could like the GSTR reports to be matching with the Tally GSTR reports on a plug and play basis. We are looking at immediate benefit for the consumer by matching numbers with an accounting software commonly used by the businesses in India.
·         The Indian consumer would like automated filing of taxes to reduce the prospect of manual errors.
In case your are looking at automated filing of taxes with numbers matching with Tally GSTR reports then please check the following link:

Apoorv Chaturvedi
Phone: +91-8802466356

For GST services, consider the following:
email apoorv@mnnbi.com
Or fill up the contact form on the website  http://mnnbi.com/.

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