Applying Yavakrida’s learnings in Business Analytics(taken from ‘The Mahabharata’ by C. Rajagopalachari)

In ancient times there as a sage named Bharadwaj. He had a son named Yavakrida. Although been learned, Bharadwaj was not well known. Yavakrida decided to become the best Vedic known scholar of his time. He set about to do heavy penance. His penance shook the heavans. Indira came to him and said that he was impressed with Yavakrida’s penance. However in order to gain knowledge of Vedas, the pupil shall need to study Vedas. Yavakrida still insisted that he should get knowledge of Vedas through penance.

One day Yavakrida was going through the forest. He saw a Brahmin adding sand into river. Yavakrida asked the Brahmin what is the brahmin up to. The Brahmin said that he was trying to build a bridge over the river. Yavakrida said that in the manner the Brahmin was working all the sand would flow down the river. Adding sand to the river was not the right way. Lord Indira appeared and said in the same way studying the Vedas and not penance is the right way to learn Vedas.

May all of us learn from Yavakrida’s learnings.  
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