Prospective under filings for GST India

As per the Times of India article, the government is dealing with under recovery for GST collections in India.

Possible solutions from Turbodata(using the Deming Way and 'The Goal' for correct tax filings):

To illustrate what could be happening with the taxation system in India, attached is a small story from ‘Raag Darbari’ by Srilal Shukl.
In a village named Shivpalganj in India, the protagonist Rangnath goes to meet his aunt’s father, Vaidji, a consummate politician. Vaidji has a protégé called Shanichari, who prepares the local intoxicant drink for the cohort(of Vaidji) on  a daily basis.  Shanichari is chosen by the Vaidji's cohort to become the village head.
Shanichari and his cohort are on a visit along with Ranganath to the village fair. Village fair implies lots of fun and for Shanichari- women. With little oversight in place, shanichari and his team have a bull run molesting women, the act of which disgusts Ranganath. Ranganath protests about the actions to Shanichari to which Sanichari replies: ‘Chamatkar ho gaya, babu’(Miracle has happened).
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