Turbodata Inventory Module Sales Partnership

M&N Business Intelligence India LLP is looking for sales partners for its inventory analytic modules.
The inventory analytic modules help the end clients optimize the following:
·        Inventory turnover: 
o   Perpetual valuations help the end client get inventory turnover based on A,B,C classifications over daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.
o   Slow moving analysis can be done over varying time periods
·        Contribution margin: 
o   Perpetual valuations help at getting the cost of goods sold analysis on a daily/real time basis.
o   Roll up of the gross profit can be done at any level aggregation.
·        Optimizing the inventory by predicting the sales :
o   ‘The Goal’ by Eliyahu Goldratt believes that the variances are the causes of rising inventory rather than simply the averages. Turbodata helps the end client with the same using the following methodology:
§  ARIMA(Auto regressive integrated moving average analysis) is built into the same for single(level), double(trend) and triple(seasonality) exponential smoothing.  Each client shall get the solution as part of the offering.
o   Removing the slow moving inventory by using the Market basket analysis.

Modular addition for industries such as hospitals and construction. The flow for the complete implementation of the Turbodata inventory analytics module is given thus:

Why Turbodata?
Free Business Intelligence Component: Due to data compression and sql reduction enabled by data normalization, the Business Intelligence component for the end clients could be largely free. Once can download the sample Power BI dashboards from the link attached herewith:

·        Connectivity to databases:
o   Tally: within a period of 8(eight) hours the entire datawarehouse shall be populated. Two day project(Rs. 30,000/- or USD 600/- )[Data auditing ,data profiling and data consolidation from multiple data sources  to be handled separately]
o   SAP: within 15(fifteen) fiscal days the datawarehouse shall be loaded.(15 day project: USD 5000/-). Pre requisite details to be given separately.
o   Navision and other ERPs: within a period of 30(thirty), the ETL team shall be able to load Turbodata.(approximate cost: USD 3000/-)
·        Co labelling/proprietary labelling of the solutions is possible: the partner can label the solution in its own brand and sell the same.
·        Cloud based option is possible with Tally and SAP: commercials can be discussed separately.
·        Prior companies that have used/using  Turbodata: Tableau, EY, SAS

Sample case study: 

The data load comes with data auditing, data consolidation and data cleaning.

Target client: CFO, CEO of mid sized firms(turnover between 10 and 500 Million USD)

For connectivity of your database to the Turbodata, please contact the following:
Name: Apoorv Chaturvedi
Phone: +91-8802466356

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