Excel Consolidation-spreadsheet consolidation

Excel consolidation Problem
Many a times we have seen the following:
·         MS Excel reports been developed and used since developing complex reports is very cumbersome at database level.
o   Large amount of data to be processed to develop these complex reports. Hence the end client does not desire to load the transaction system with these reports.
o   The reports are very complex.
o   The reports require data consolidation from multiple data sources to be developed.
o   The data sanctity of the reports is under question since the data can be tampered within MS Excel
o   Developing the MS Excel reports takes a lot of time.
If the end client is facing these issues then Turbodata should be able to help with the following:
·         Data consolidation services: consolidate data from multiple data sources onto a single location for developing consolidated reports.
·         Data cleansing services: cleanse the data for any bad entries.
·         Data transformation services: provide any business logic that is required for the product.
·         Business Intelligence services at lowest cost: development of complex reports using best in class Business Intelligence  tool at lowest cost(free if possible).
·         User security: each user to see its own data only.
·         Design of online forms is possible.
·         Data auditing and data profiling services are available.
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